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Routes V1, V1B, V2A, V2 (see the Lat/Lon listings)
Coal Harbour (Vancouver) to Gambier Island in Howe Sound
Gambier Island anchorage to Strait of Georgia
Route to Plumper Cove anchorage, Keats Island Howe Sound
Atkinson Pt. to Buccaneer Bay anchorage
Welcome Passage to Secret Cove Anchorage
Welcome Passage to Smuggler Cove Anchorage
Welcome Passage to Pender Harbour
Pender Harbour to Princess Louisa Inlet
Malaspina Strait to Thunder Bay Anchorage
Thunder Bay to Harmony Islands Anchorage
Harmony Island to Entrance Malibu Rapids
Malaspina Strait to Parker Harbour (Malaspina Inlet)
Parker Harbour to Grace Harbour
Jean Island anchorage (Grace Harbour alternative)
Grace Harbour to Isabel Bay Anchorage
Isabel Bay entrance to Susan Islets Cove Anchorage
Routes 15-23
Sarah Point to Galley Bay Anchorage (Gifford Peninsula)
Anchorage in west nook of Galley Bay (Desolation Sound)
Zephine Head to Mink Island Cove anchorage (Desolation Sound)
Zephine Head to Tenedos Bay anchorage (Desolation Sound)
Sarah Pt. to anchorage behind William Islands (Prideaux Haven)
Melanie Cove Anchorage
Homfray Channel to Laura Cove anchorage
Entrance Desolation Sound to Refuge Cove anchorage
Desolation Sound, NW Kinghorn Island to Squirrel Cove anchorage
Desolation Sound to end of Pendrell Sound
Entrance Pendrell Sound to end of Toba Inlet
Doctor Bay anchorage (off Waddington Channel, West Redonda Island)
Route to Walsh Cove anchorage (Waddington Channel)
Waddington/Pryce Channel to Frances Bay anchorage (off Raza Passage)
Raza Island to end of Bute Inlet
Calm Channel to Rendezvous Islands anchorage (near Read Island)
Routes 31-36
Calm Channel to Bird Cove Anchorage (Read Island)
S Rendezvous Island, E Read Island to Von Dopnop Inlet anchorage (Cortes Island)
Suntil Channel (north tip Cortes Island) to Quartz Bay Anchorage
Sutil Channel near Quartz Bay to Coulter Bay anchorage (NW side of Cortes Island)
Sutil Channel to anchorage in Whaletown Bay
NW tip of Cortes Island to Gorge Harbour anchorage
Route to Manson Bay anchorage (west side of Cortes Island)
     Theodosia Inlet Anchorage
Savary Island to Cortes Bay Anchorage
Sutil Channel (between Read and Cortes Islands)
     to Rebecca Spit (Quadra Island) anchorage
Anchorages Drew and Heriot Bays
Route to Anchorage Moulds Bay
Route to anchorage in Village Bay, Quadra Island
Anchorage north cove Village Bay (Quadra Island)
Route to Bold Island Anchorage (Quadra Island)
Route to Sheer Pt. anchorage on Read Island
Route to anchorage in Octopus Islands Marine Park
Uganda Passage near Manson Bay to Campbell River
Route to Roscoe Bay Anchorage


Important Notes
    These are planning notes. I have never sailed in the waters shown on these charts. I cannot verify that the waypoints or routes are accurate.
    Route 26, waypoints 201 and 202: The C-map chart shows a breakwater that is not mentioned in the cruising guides. If it is there, the route shown must not be followed!
    Route 32: The anchorage in Von Donop Inlet is not accessible to deep keel boats at low tide! It is shoal around waypoints 235 and 236, according to the C-map chart.
    Route 36: There is an error in the Second Edition of the Douglass & Hemingway-Douglass cruising guide. This is noted on their web page. I believe that the route I charted is correct, but I have never sailed in this body of water.
    Route 38: Another anchorage not accessible to deep keel boats at low tide. Shoal between waypoints 280 and 281.
    Several of the anchorages plotted are exposed from certain wind and wave directions and should only be used in appropriate conditions.