Anchoring Stern-to (from Desolation Sound Yacht Charters web page)

You will find stern-to anchoring very common in the Sound. If you have never done it before, the following is the best method I have found to do it with minimum problems. Before you actually drop the anchor, have someone go ashore with the stern line, tie it securely to a tree or rock (above high water mark), then row the line out to approximately where you want your stern. Anchor the boat and back up towards the person in the dinghy. It is much easier for the dinghy to maneuver than the boat with a hook down. Once secure, if the bottom is not quite visible, make up some sort of lead line to check the depth of water at the stern. The bottom drops off quickly here and your sounder may read 30' where it is, but you may have only 10' at the stern. With as much as 18' of tidal range you can drop as fast as 3' an hour!