Travel Information
David Sparks
   Home phone: 850-436-8700
   Cell phone:     850-375-2656
Dick Roemer
   Home phone: 856-983-6510
   Cell phone:     609-680-4790
Carl Jeffcoat
   Home phone: 850-932-4566
Jess Milby
   Home phone: 205-879-7131
   Cell phone:     205-249-0705
David Nauth
July 11 - Dave and Betty fly to Seattle
July 15 - Carl flies to Seattle
July 16 - David N., Dick, Carl, Dave S
               Drive to Vancouver
               Provision boat
               Return rental car
               Sleep aboard charter boat
July 17 - begin charter trip
July 23 - Refuge Cove, West Redondo Island
     N 50" 7' and W 124" 51' .
               David N. flies to Seattle
              Jess arrives from Seattle (11:25 am)
August 5 - boat back to Sunsail in Vancouver
August 6 - Jess, Carl, Dick, Dave drive to Seattle
August 7 - Dave and Carl fly to Pensacola
July 16 meeting
    8 AM Nauth and Roemer pick up Carl at Sea-Tac
Skyway Inn. Later Nauth, Roemer and Carl pick up
Sparks who will arrive in Seattle on the Ferry from
Bainbridge at Pier 52 about 9:25 am.
Sunsail Information
Sunsail Canada
C/o Bayshore West Marina
450 Denman Street
Vancouver V6G1J1
BC, Canada
Emergency Numbers
 604-320-7245 or 250-758-5965 or 250-729-5592
Travel Details
Sat 7-22-06 Lv. Bíham 12:30p Delta Flgt# 4430,
                     Arr. Atl. 2:27p
                      Lv Atl 3:05p Delta Flgt# 533,
                     Arr SeaTac 5:10 pm
Sun 7-23-06 Lv. Kenmore-Lake Wash. 9 am,
                      Arr Refuge Cove, BC. 11:25 am.
Tues. 7-11-06 Lv. Pensacola 11:00a CO2857,
                         Arr. Houston 11:00a
                         Lv. Houston 12:24p CO267,
                        Arr. SEA 3:00 p
Mon 8-7-06  Lv SEA 11:40a CO1776,
                      Arr. Houston 6:00p
                      Lv Houston 7:05p CO2009,
                     Arr. PNS 8:45p
Sat 7-15-06 Lv. PNS 3:09p Lv Atl AirTran #17,
                     Arr SeaTac 8:12 pm
Mon 8-7-06 Lv. Seatac 12:28 pm, Airtran #16;
                     Arr PNS via Atl 9:20 pm